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The Locations, Etc. Group is currently seeking individuals who are interested in gaining valuable Work Experience and possible future employment in the following areas.

Positions may be combined to create a most unique and varied work experience. In short, the greater the variety of tasks you complete, the more experienced you become, and the more likely you are to be considered for work opportunities.

Individuals that successfully complete their program learn a tremendous amount, are always challenged and get to see and experience the results of their work in real-time applications that they can add to their resumes and portfolios along with their letter of recommendation.

To arrange a telephone or on-site appointment
Read our Handbook and Email Us your completed Application

with your Cover Letter and Resume to:

• Apple & Android App Development: Board Game conversion to Apple or Android Apps, Video Games, Specialty Projects.

• Business:Entrepreneurs Small Business Network: Business Development, Management and Administration for Established and Start-Up Companies and Organizations.

Etrepreneurs Small Business Network

• Financial Services: Money Management for Accounting, Economics, Finance and other Majors that want to increase their real world knowledge of how money works while learning the business and life skills to help themselves and others. (Paid Work Experience Program)

Legal Services: Learn how to help individuals, families and businesses get an array of legal Services from top-rated law firms in the United States and Canada ... Legal services includes unlimited legal advice on any number of issues, 24/7 emergency assistance, motor vehicle moving violations, letter and phone calls, document review will preparation, debt collection, landlord/ tenant, small claims court, social security, medicare and veteran's benefits, estate settlement, trial defense, IRS audit, financial/medical/ driver's license identity theft protection/restoration and more.

• Graphic Arts: InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop for Books, Board Games, Publication & Print Work, Web-Site Construction.

• Marketing: Business, Project Development, Implementation, Advertising, PR, Communications and Social Media

• Publishing: Design, Graphics, DTP, Advertising, Branding, Marketing for Books, Board Games, Writing/Editing, Magazines and Specialty Projects

• Special Events: Event Research, Coordination and Management for Location Scouting, Meetings, Seminars, Networking Events, Fund-Raisers, Workshops, Auditions, Parties and more.

• Video Production: From Assistant Director, Producer to Camera, Sound, Lighting, PAs, Editing and Special Effects. Commercials, TV, Movies.

• Web-Site Development & Computer Programming: Shopping Cart, HTML, ASP, Access, MySql, Photoshop, Web-Site to Database, SEO Optimization.

Paid Internship Programs

• B2B Marketing & Management: Meet with representatives from Churches, Schools, Clubs, Organizations as well as Business Managers and Owners to inform them about the benefits of our free educational programs that teach financial principles including “The Wealth Formula” “The X-Curve” “The Rule of 72” “The Time-Value Relationship of Money” and “The 4-Cornerstones to Financial Independence."

All majors welcome.  All training provided.  Pays a stipend of $800 per month after a short 2-4 week training period.  Program does not require a Social Security Number (SSN).  Bonuses are also available based on performance.

• International Student Training Exchange Program (iStep): International internship recruiting program where you become an agent and sign up International Students and Individuals into our internship and visa sponsorship program. Skill Development: Earn while you learn better communication, business, marketing, management and entrepreneurship skills.

All majors welcome. All training provided. Work in the United States, or for International Students, work in your country of origin. Earn unlimited income and bonuses based on your Agent position with our company. Please be advised that this is an Entrepreneurial Business Program where you will be required to pay a limited start-up fee that determines your compensation level. Program does not require a Social Security Number (SSN).

• Financial Service Position: Join us in our mission to help people understand how money works by teaching financial principles including “The Wealth Formula” “The X-Curve” “The Rule of 72” “The Time-Value Relationship of Money” and “The 4-Cornerstones to Financial Independence" in order to help them achieve their financial objectives.

In short, our mission is to teach people how they can become financially independent by putting their money in the right place where they can get:
(1) the growth of the stock market
(2) the safety of bank account
(3) the ability to take their money out penalty-free and TAX FREE when they want to; and,
(4) protection for their income and assets.

Duties include meeting with clients and assessing objectives, performing Financial Needs Analysis, and creating financial software client reports. Skill Development: Communication, business, marketing, management, leadership skills, meeting and event planning, problem solving, time management.

Choose your own career path:
(1) Client Direct
(2) Management/Leadership.

All majors welcome. All training provided. Unlimited income potential. We have more people earning over $100,000 annually than any other company in the financial services industry. Guaranteed Performance Promotions. Stock Options.

U.S. Government Regulated Program requirements:
(1) U.S. Social Security Number
(2) Application/Background Check ($100 reimbursable)
(3) Over 18 Years Old.
(4) Govenment Licensed (Part of our 30-60 training process).

Locations, Etc. Inc. Invites You to
Enhance Your Skills!

• Professionalism
• Willingness to Learn
• Willingness to Follow Organizational Plan
• Confidence in Yourself
• Fundamental Computer Skills
• Good Communication Skills
• Good Technical Skills

• Doesn't Want to be Bored

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Lyle Benjamin, Program Director

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