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Tell me about The Event Site Finders Directory for Travel, Corporate, Bridal & Social Events What is it? It is an bi-annual directory listing locations and services that corporations, individuals and brides use for booking their special events. We print and distribute 30,000+ copies of an oversized 8 1/2” by 11” perfect-bound directory with four color display listings, bright white text pages, easy to read editorial listings, and large oversize black and white photographs of the locations, services & products.

What’s its history? In 1991, Lyle Benjamin, Publisher, started The Locations, Etc. Directory for Corporate, Bridal & Social Events in response to the needs of individuals and corporations who were seeking a comprehensive, contemporary directory that could save them time and money in finding the most suitable locations and services for their events. The book originally grew out of “Places” when its co-owner left the company to assist Benjamin in the formulation of Locations, Etc.

How are you distributed? We are distributed through bookstores (Barnes & Noble, B. Dalton, Coliseum, non-profit fund-raisers, bridal shows, trade shows, promotions, direct mail and bulk distribution to corporations. Actually our readership is over 120,000 because of the pass along activity during the books circulation.

Why is most of the book printed in black & white? The Event Site Finders Directory for Travel, Corporate, Bridal & Social Events is a reference directory, not an advertising magazine. Users of the book place more weight in the listings because they see them as unbiased and free from propaganda. People throw out advertising magazines all the time, but they do keep reference books. The black and white appearance of the directory reinforces its position as a no-frills helpful guide.

How does the book work? Two ways: (1) Clients go through the directory and locate several places and services they might be interested in booking and then they call us for additional information on those companies. If there is a potential match, we give out the company name, along with the current contact and phone number. The client then calls because they are interested in booking; (2) Locations, Etc. also acts as the marketing extension for locations and services we represent by arranging appointments for clients and many times showing them the facilities or services directly.

Do the clients pay you for the referrals they receive or do we pay for them? Neither pays for referrals. Locations & Services pay us 10% of gross when a booking occurs.

Our service works several ways: (1) Before we refer you to a client, we fax or call you to notify you that we are making a referral. Faxes must be acknowledged and sent back before we make a recommendation; (2) Companies periodically get a statement from us with information on the referrals we gave — the client’s name, title, corporate affiliation if any, type of event, (we handle over 50 different types of events), number of people in the event, date of referral and anticipated date of event. Even if you have 15 referrals on that list: There is still no money due. On that same list you might also have several bookings. One might be in 6 months, another a year from now and so on. Only when an event has taken place do we earn a 10% commission; (3) If a company wants to contact a referral client directly, Locations, Etc. has a lead generation program. The cost is $25 per month with 5 leads included. Additional leads are $5 each. Commissions are due on all bookings; (4) Co-op Marketing Program: Locations, Etc. can perform brochure mail-outs directly to interested clients for a small handling fee.

Is there a cost for being listed? There is an editorial/photo listing charge of $1250 for getting into the directory and joining our Telephone Referral Service. If you want additional listings in the directory under separate headings (i.e., Restaurant, View, Meeting Space), they are discounted to $395 each. If you want an additional black and white photograph the fee is $195.

Can I take out just a display listing? Because The Event Site Finders Directory for Travel, Corporate, Bridal & Social Events is a reference book, display listings are tied to your text listings (“Please see our listing on page 124” and vice verse). It acts as reinforcement. The display listing section is 4-color on glossy paper near the center of the book — In it, people discover locations and services that they never even considered and get a clearer idea about what they want. Your increased exposure gets you more referrals, and therefore, more bookings.

Why should I consider a display listing in Event Site Finders? Every display listing is in our book for a minimum of two years (compared to daily or weekly publications where you have to keep paying issue after issue). Our display listings cost you substantially less than placing a single ad in many throw-away publications. An 850-page bridal magazine is 800 pages of ads. The bride is overwhelmed and your ad is buried along with 3,000 other ads. A general interest publication reaches large numbers, but 99.9% of the people aren’t even interested in what you have to offer.

How are you different from these publications? We are very different because they are in business to sell ads, regardless of the results. We are in business to get bookings for you. “Every person who uses The Event Site Finders Directory for Travel, Corporate, Bridal & Social Events is interested in booking a location or service. They are ready to spend money: There is no other reason for them to have our directory.”

And our service to you is quantifiable — you see the numbers of referrals you are getting in your periodic statement.Will I still get referrals even if I don’t take a display listing? There is no obligation to take out a display listing. It’s simply a way to get additional information in front of the client. How are the listings broken down? The listings are broken down by the type of location or service. For instance, location categories are: Atrium, Ballroom, Boat, Gallery, Garden, Hotel, Inn, Loft, Location Shoot, Restaurant, Townhouse, etc. For services we have: Bands, Caterers, Disc Jockey’s, Florists, Limos, Music, Party Performers, Photographers, Videographers, etc. (See sign-up sheets for categories.)

I have a service, don’t services get 2nd billing in your book? No! No! No! In our new directories, services listings are just as large as location listings (up to a 1/4 page), and services use photographs, illustrations or artwork also. The vast majority of clients using the book have not yet determined which services they will use. It’s up to you to capture them.

What additional marketing do you do? In addition to being sold in fine bookstores such as Barnes & Noble — several times a year we send out brochures, mailers and books directly to companies planning special events saturating them with information and access to our service. Because of the high turn-over of people who are responsible for planning corporate events, we constantly are in touch with companies to help them with all their event needs.

Likewise, The Event Site Finders Directory for Travel, Corporate, Bridal & Social Events is used as a complimentary promotional item with trade shows, bridal registries, not-for-profit fund-raisers, etc. — putting thousands of copies of the book directly into the hands of people who are collectively spending millions of dollars annually on their events.



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