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Dear Associate:

Enclosed please find the information you requested on our clients and our organization. As you can see, we have put together a powerful marketing plan that will get the results you want and need for years to come: Increased profitability. Detailed below, is a summary of several important points regarding our web-sites and directory.

1. AuctionCentralTravel.com is a program designed to reach the leisure market, people who are planning vacations, honeymoons and smaller affairs. With AuctionCentralTravel you create packages that you want to post on our web-site for a month at a time: It can be two nights and three days, regularly $850, Minimum bid $520. Then people bid on it during the course of the month, but instead of just taking the highest bidder, you tell us internally how many bookings you can accept, so if 5 people bid the minimum or higher -- you get the amount you specified on all 5 bookings, and we get the difference. Then every other month you get to change your package so you can do test marketing to see which package sells the most. It’s a great way to increase your bookings.

2. Our 6th Edition Locations, Etc. Directory (2009-10) will be our best yet, with the addition of these benefits designed to increase your bookings:
• Direct distribution to 15,000 Corporate Marketing Departments in New York and a dozen other major cities including Boston, Chicago, LA, SF, Seattle, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Philadelphia, etc. — all who have planned events in the past year.
• Direct Marketing to public relations, marketing and advertising companies.
• Attendance and istribution in numerous trade shows across the country.
• 30,000 Distribution: 120,000 total readership during the life of the book.
• National availability in bookstores including Barnes & Noble
• 3 International web sites on over 1,500 combined search engines.

And,unlike advertising publications where you have to keep paying issue after issue, your display listings are for a minimum of two years and they cost substantially less than placing a single ad in throw-away advertising publications. An 850-page bridal magazine is 800 pages of ads. The bride is overwhelmed and your ad is buried along with 3,000 other ads. A general interest publication reaches large numbers, but 99.9% of the people aren’t even interested in what you have to offer. They’re in business to sell ads, regardless of the results. We’re in business to get you booked.

“Every person who uses The Event Site Finders Directory for Travel, Corporate, Bridal & Social Events is interested in booking a location or service. They are ready to spend money: There is no other reason for them to have our directory.”

Again, we are very excited about partnering with you on behalf of our clients, and look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with Innovative Travel Marketing for years to come.

With best regards,
Lyle Gregg Benjamin

*And, to show you that LOCATIONS, ETC. means business — if you’re joining our network for the first time — You get an iron-clad guarantee with every display package in our Blockbuster Color Section.

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