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How Much Would 10, 20 or 30 New Clients
& Customers Add to Your Bottom Line?


What are the Advantages of Advertising Your Business in
"Community Newletters"? Simply put, they're:

• 10-12 Weeks in circulation!
• 25,000 Community distribution reaching 58,000 customers
• Thousands of Dollars worth of savings in every newsletter
• Feature a limited number of businesses so listings are seen & used
• A format that is easy to save and use, and NOT throw away
• Inexpensive way to get your name out to new customers
• Inexpensive way to remind old customers to use you
• Distributed to a large number of homeowners and area residents
• Only one or two featured businesses in the same industry
• Restaurants sign-ups are limited to 8, but only 2 in same cuisine
• Free Web coverage on our Locations, Etc. Site

Special Savings for Your Wallet
• All Rates Include Design & Typesetting at NO cost to you.
• 2-Color Ads as little as $360
• B&W Business Card Listings Only $295
• 10% Discount on all pre-paid orders at 1st contact
• 25% Discount on 4 consecutive CN Sign-Ups!
• 10% Discount on orders over $1,500.
• 10% Discount on multiple businesses from same owner
• 10% Credit on every paid business referral
• Free 3 Day/2 Night Hotel vacation voucher on all 4x pre-paid orders

Sample Community Newsletter Page
(images not to scale or proportion)

Inside The Numbers

Locations, Etc. is printing & distributing Community Newsletters to 25,000 homeowners in your area. And because the newsletter only has a few featured companies, your business is going to be seen and be used, and not buried inside a newspaper between hundreds of other ads.

We limit the number of vendors in each newsletter to give your business the maximum impact and the maximum return on your investment.

And, when you get into the newsletter, Locations, Etc. puts you onto its website for free. So you can get additional exposure, additional business and additional money for your bottom line.

Community Newsletter Vendor Orders

Business Card Ads:
Ad Copy:
Coupon Offer:

All Orders include FREE Design & Layout
Email Logo & Images with Company Name to:

Charges will be billed by Locations, Etc. Inc.

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