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We had a very difficult set-up for our nationwide product launch: Find a space that was residential, large, and elegant enough in New York City where we could install and demonstrate our new multi-media system to the press. Locations, Etc. not only found us the perfect location, but oversaw seven days of installation, and then catered and managed the launch party. It was a lot of work, and a big success for our client. - Lisa Borman Public Relations

Before I switched jobs and went to Oracle I had used Locations, Etc. for event help. Then while at Oracle, we had four events to do across the country and in Canada - all on the same day. I contacted Lyle, and he came up with absolutely great themes for each of the events: Everything from a BBQ beach volleyball theme for L.A. to a high end Casino/Game show theme for New York. All four events came off without a hitch and everybody had a great time. - Linda Butchko, Oracle Computer

Our media event was a huge success. Thanks Locations, Etc. for all your help. - Robin Siditi, Toys 'r Us, National Offices

We're used to dealing with lots of details at our jobs, but our wedding plans, now that was a lot of details. Locations, Etc. returned our calls and answered all of our questions (even when I knew we were kinda bugging them.) They really gave us a feeling of security that everything would go smoothly, and it did! They were really wonderful. - Eric Briner & Susan Panetta

Locations, Etc. has been managing our 900 person Awards banquet for several years now, and they've done a tremendous job arranging all the details: the space, catering, videography, rentals and decorations, not to mention running the show. And, they've managed to do it all on a budget, too. - Beth Breger, Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation

Organizing an off-premise meeting with Locations, Etc. is easy. All you do is call them. - Jodi Kaelle, Nations Bank

Everybody knows the standard fare of locations around the city, they're in all the magazines. When we needed something different, we contacted Locations, Etc. and they helped us find the 'right' site for our client event. And their suggestions on transportation and set-up really added to event as well. Thanks for a great job. - Terry Daily, Alliance Capital

We always done the beach for our company outings, but when we wanted a change of pace, I contacted Locations, Etc. and they found us a great picnic site. We still had the beach, but we also had softball, soccer, tennis, basketball, boating, swimming and lots of activities. Plus the food was really good too. - Margaret Heagney, Berenter, Greenhouse & Webster

I wanted to get suggestions for an event, and a friend told me to call a company called Locations, Etc. The same day I asked my office manager for recommendations, and she suggested Locations, Etc. Two people on the same day? I called, and I wasn't disappointed. They came up with several intriguing themes, and I finally went with a weekend retreat. It was well worth it. - Richard Koppel, CIO, McKinsey & Co.

I needed a space for my fashion show and found Locations, Etc. With everything else I had to deal with, they were a godsend. They put together a proposal that included everything from the space and the catering to the music and the videography. And then they ran the show so I could focus on the clothing and guests. Everybody loved the event, and my clothes. Oh yeah, and they even designed and helped write my invitations. Wow. - Wilbur Pack, Jr., Sorta Kinda Enterprises

We didn't want to get too stressed out about our wedding, and Locations, Etc. was great. They matched our mood and handled the show. There was no pressure, and they really helped. – Jon Stapleton & Olivia Papa

Locations, Etc. was recommended to us when we needed help putting together an important meeting. We had people coming in from all over, and they did what they were hired to do. Very professional. - Krista Gerald, Boch Sales

Thanks, Locations, Etc. for going out of your way to find us suitable facilities and put together a great proposal for our product launch. - Karen Parziale, Sharp Electronics

Our graduation party was great. Thanks for all your help. - Kevan Jackson, Columbia Business School

We wanted our wedding to be a little bit formal and a lot of fun. Locations, Etc. found us the perfect place that fit our needs and then pulled all the elements together. We just had to show up. We couldn't have done it without you. - Lisa Tozzi & Craig Campanella

Thanks again for all your help. - Allison Cain, Showtime Networks

When it came time for my second son's Bar Mitzvah, I didn't want to do what all the other parents were doing. I called Locations, Etc. for advice, and their suggestions were good. Even on the food set-ups. - Cynthia Dugas

Thanks for all your help with our promotional event. - Teresa Buyer, Z-100

Locations, Etc.'s research service was very helpful in finding unique locations for our event. - Ewilda Gonzales, J.P. Morgan

We have our own marketing department that does our events, but by bringing in Locations, Etc. to manage the logistics, it freed us up to work on increasing attendance and other areas. It was a real eye opener. - Leslee Cavanaugh, American Greeting Cards

Your research and scouting service really saves us a lot of time and energy. It's invaluable when we need something fast. - Juliette Marshall, Price Waterhouse

Locations Etc.'s location scouting service helps us find the right location for our magazine shoots. - Melanie Osterhout, New York Magazine

Thanks for making our meeting a success. You were great. We look forward to working with you again soon. - Susan Surian, Individual Investor Magazine

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