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What Locations, Etc. strives to do is save you a tremendous amount of time and energy in getting your arrangements finalized. If you had to call 20 locations on the phone, just to see if they were even remotely suitable, you can imagine how long that would take. And if you wanted to see six or so places, that might take you 3 or 4 days as well to get all the appointments completed (not to mention having to endure each sales pitch).


Because of our position in the industry, we can often schedule your appointments in one or two outings, all the while avoiding the hard sells that annoy (to put it mildly) even the most experienced planner. And when we conduct our research and scouting assignments, we focus on a wide variety of suitable facilities, so even if you've been in a city for 10 years, you'd still say, "Wow, I didn't know about this place. This is great!"


As far as services or items you're going to handle yourself are concerned, you're still free to do so. If you already have a photographer, then we wouldn't include that in our proposal, but if you need a six piece swing band or a disc jockey, we would. As with everything else, you have the final decision on all the elements in your event.


Finally, when Locations, Etc. Inc. prepares your proposal, you know exactly how much you're going to pay. There are no hidden elements, like forgetting to add tax and gratuities to the total until after the contract is signed. Everything you want included is included and agreed upon up front, so you have the comfort of knowing you're being treated professionally from the initial stages of your event all the way through its successful conclusion.

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