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Example 1: Because of our professionalism and years of service in the business, Locations, Etc. Inc. is able to create a complete client proposal inclusive of theme, budget, site recommendations, menu's, additional services, staff, etc. -- everything needed to have a first class event (even if it's not in the budget), all within a few days from your first contact. Comments: Wants professional and creative guidance. See: Membership


Example 2: Clients who have our directory can go through the publication to find sites, services, and products they might be interested in booking. Then, after you contact us, we do a light matching against the parameters of the event, and give you up-to-date information on the location or service, who to contact and their telephone number. It's a free service that not only prevents the book from becoming obsolete so quickly, but also gives you professional feedback on your event -- often with fresh ideas and tips designed to help you deal with the complexities of your Event. Here, clients do all the work themselves, everything from the phone calls, to the appointments, to the dozens of event details including navigating the myriad of conflicting personalities involved to the skills of pulling all the elements together for the grand finale. Comments: Lots of time available. High energy level. Enjoys micro-managing. See: Membership

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